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Plugs Team creates first Documentary Film

well now we have a way to also communicate "what's going on" with the Plugs Podcast. Currently at the beginning of December the Plugs Team is creating a Documentary, yes our first long film. We could never imagine just in May of this year, that by the end of the year we would be putting a movie together for others to see. This Documentary is to cause soul winning awareness, new inspiration to create, and to just love your neighbor as yourself. "Miracle Ruler" is about a 26 year old married Ugandan man named "Namuteza Patrick" who is a Servant of Jesus Christ with a big dreams to see a free school and hospital in Kampala Uganda. He is the most hardest working ministry we have ever met, who is always very humble and giving much appreciation for all the help to the ministry. For the team this is challenging since we are not film makers or we weren't before this. However when there is "purpose", passion comes to learn new skills that you never thought you had.

Namuteza Patrick's website:

Release date of Documentary: TBD to be determined

Author: Marshall Helenbolt

Date: 12/9/2020

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