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New = New Start

its a new year and the earth's rotation is not slowing down for us to make the next steps in our life. though is maybe setting goals of good health or financial increase, but most importantly setting goals for your "Spiritual Life", or should I say simply your relationship with God the Father. Do you already set goals in your personal relationships? Maybe say we are now not just friends but partners? Or we have made it to "best friend status"? Well have you made it to best friend status with God, the one who created you? If not right now as you read this, is a great time to just speak with Him- in your HEART, your thoughts, with your lips, DANCE, SONG and whatever else you can do to give the Father glory. Being best friends with God only means you spend more time with Him more than anyone else, simple. Enjoy the Father, everyday & all of your days! Be LOVED, YOU are His "Beloved"

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