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The Plugs Podcast Team

A network providing encouraging content via Podcast📣 Featuring stories, how to spirituality guidance & Guest Speakers who can offer expert advice!

average people who care.

Chris Mikaya

Music Artist & Audio Engineer

Chris, also known as “Heavyweight Beats” on most social media platforms, is a firm believer in the power of good habits and doing the right thing. He has always felt a deep passion for sound and the healing it can bring. He believes there is power in discovering your purpose and desires to serve those in need of a “roadmap” along the journey of uncovering the truest form of themselves. As an artist he writes with the specific intent to reach the lost and broken as well as edify the body of Christ. Never underestimate the power of purpose.

Emmanuel Yakubu

Social Media Strategist

Emmanuel, also known as “JCL” - Just Christ Life, is a believer in living to inspire. His passion is rooted in reaching the lost and bringing them to Christ. As the Social Media Strategist he desires to serve those on digital platforms by sharing encouraging content and biblical scriptures. His greatest desire is to do God’s will and inspire others by being a light and reflecting Christ in his own life. 

Marshall Helenbolt

Visionary & Motivation Leader

Marshall, also known as founder of "Mission2destiny", operates in a gift where he lifts others up and identifies the unique gifts that live within them. He believes your words have power to change the physical reality. Building the Kingdom is his main hobby other than MTB. As a "Natural Motivating Leader" he knows nothing is impossible. Never give up, no matter what.

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Edrine Mugoloza 

Video Specialist

Edrine, also known as "editunezdirector" on socials. He loves lifting and helping other cause that's how he has been raised too. He believes the LORD can make a way where there's no way. Edrine was gifted by GOD with a creative mind in visual direction and story telling. Never stop believing and always have hope and faith in the Almighty God. 

Benedicta Nkwocha

Engagement Director

Benedicta is a strong believer in Christ with an understanding of our kingly and priestly assignments here on earth. She desires to help people understand the purpose of God for them and work in alignment. As the Engagement Director, she is passionate about reaching out to people bringing them into the new covenant with Christ. Her greatest desire is to be a reflection of who Christ is. 

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